Mike Nahan

Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development; Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations
Leader of the Opposition

Ph: 9457 1282
Email: [email protected]

Liza Harvey

Shadow Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands
Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Ph: 9204 2777
Email: [email protected]

Peter Collier

Shadow Minister for Housing; Disability Services;
Leader in the Legislative Council

Ph: 9203 9588
Email: [email protected]

Sean L'Estrange

Shadow Minister for Health; Mental Health
Manager of Opposition Business

Ph: 9383 7120
Email: [email protected]

Dean Nalder

Shadow Treasurer ; Shadow Minister for Finance; Energy

Ph: 9316 1377
Email: [email protected]

Bill Marmion

Shadow Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Innovation and Disruptive Technologies; Defence Issues; Science

Ph: 9386 3064
Email: [email protected]

Michael Mischin

Shadow Attorney General; Minister for Commerce
Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

Ph: 9301 1896
Email: [email protected]

Peter Katsambanis

Shadow Minister for Police; Road Safety; Industrial Relations

Ph: 9307 8311
Email: [email protected]

Donna Faragher

Shadow Minister for Education and Training; Women's Interests

Ph: 9379 0840
Email: [email protected]

Ian Blayney

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food; Forestry; Fisheries

Ph: 9964 1640
Email: [email protected]

Tony Krsticevic

Shadow Minister for Local Government; Heritage; Culture and the Arts; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests

Ph: 9246 1800
Email: [email protected]

Nick Goiran

Shadow Minister for Child Protection; Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence

Ph: 9398 3800
Email: [email protected]

John McGrath

Shadow Minister for Racing and Gaming; Sport and Recreation

Ph: 9368 6270
Email: [email protected]

Libby Mettam

Shadow Minister for Tourism; Small Business
Opposition Whip

Ph: 9752 1949
Email: [email protected]

Jim Chown

Shadow Minister for Regional Development; Royalties for Regions

Ph: 9481 0082
Email: [email protected]

Ken Baston

Shadow Minister for Northern Australia
Opposition Whip in the Legislative Council

Ph: 9193 7044
Email: [email protected]

Kyran O'Donnell

Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Ph: 9021 6766
Email: [email protected]

Steve Thomas

Shadow Minister for Environment; Water; Emergency Services

Ph: 9757 9555
Email: [email protected]

Tjorn Sibma

Shadow Minister for Community Services; Youth; Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering; Veterans' Issues; Government Accountability

Ph: 9440 4422
Email: [email protected]

Simon O'Brien

Shadow Minister for Electoral Affairs

Ph: 9364 4277
Email: [email protected]

Zak Kirkup

Shadow Minister for Corrective Services

Ph: 9534 3200
Email: [email protected]