February 27, 2018

Time for Government to take action with Perth City Council.

The State Opposition calls on the State Government to immediately suspend the City of Perth Council and appoint an independent commissioner.

Leader of the Opposition, Mke Nahan said it was untenable for the Council to continue with the current level of dysfunction.

"What we are seeing is unprecedented," Dr Nahan said.

"It goes far beyond the issues associated with the Lord Mayor. We have seen the Chief Executive Officer take stress leave due to Council interference and infighting, within days, his replacement has taken stress leave. This cannot continue.

"There is no doubt the working environment at the Council is toxic and it has damaged its reputation.

"Perth City Council is Western Australia’s pre-eminent Council. All Western Australians need the Council of their capital city to be professional. Instead they are witnessing a laughing stock."

Shadow Minister for Local Government, Tony Krsticevic said the State Government has failed to act and is supporting the continued disruption at the Council.

"It is imperative, particularly for the staff at the City of Perth, that the Government suspends the Council, appoints independent commissioners, and inquires into the issues that are causing so much stress," Mr Krsticevic said.

"The ratepayers of the City of Perth have been let down by the infighting at the Council, the undermining of the management and the continued inaction of the State Government.

"This cannot continue and the Government needs to act in the interests of staff, ratepayers and Western Australians who want the City of Perth to represent them rather than political self-interest.

"If the Minister for Local Government isn’t willing to act then he should be sacked and replaced by someone who takes their role seriously."

Andrew Gaspar
0418 922 668