January 23, 2018

Stadium cap backflip welcomed

Public pressure has once again prevailed, this time forcing the McGowan Government to overturn it’s ill-considered decision to impose a cap on crowd numbers at the Perth Scorchers final at Perth Stadium.

Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation, John McGrath said Stadium was built to host 57,000 spectators at a cricket game, and should always have been made available to as many spectators as possible.

“The Scorchers have had an amazing season and it would be incomprehensible for the Government to limit the number of people who could attend,” Mr McGrath said.

“Western Australians are intelligent enough to work out how they would get to and from the stadium if they are aware it’s a sell-out.

“It has been disappointing the Government has taken so long to get to this position. There were many suggestions being put forward to resolve the challenge of moving 55,000 people to the Stadium at peak times, but all the Government wanted to do was talk about the problem and complain about history.”

Shadow Transport Minister Liza Harvey said the Government needed to turn its backflip into a double-backflip and allow other ride sharing services, such as Uber and Shofer, to access the stadium.

“If the Government is allowing taxis to access the stadium, it should also allow other ride-sharing services to access the stadium,” Mrs Harvey said.

“The Government needs to remove impediments for getting people to the stadium, not put roadblocks in place.

“We welcome the fact the Government is allowing the Stadium to fill to capacity; it is important they now expand the transport options available to people going to the Scorchers final.”

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