8 November 2017

Renaming Perth Stadium is just not cricket

The State Government’s decision to sell the naming rights of Perth Stadium to Singtel Optus is a retrograde decision that will cheapen the iconic, world-class stadium.

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said stadia around Australia held the name of the cities in which they were, such as the Sydney Cricket Ground, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Adelaide Oval.

“It is a strategic decision to maintain the name of the city to ensure the city’s name is in the hearts and minds of viewers when they are watching world-class events at those stadia,” Dr Nahan said.

“It is incumbent on the Government to release the benefit-cost analysis of selling the naming rights of Perth Stadium compared to the value of retaining the name Perth Stadium.

“Surely Tourism WA would have provided advice on the benefit to be derived by maintaining the name, Perth Stadium. If they haven’t, it is a serious error of judgement by the Government to not get this information to compare with the potential revenue of selling the naming rights.

“If the Government does have advice on the value to the state of maintaining the name, Perth Stadium, it should disclose it.”

Dr Nahan said the Government could not claim the selling of the naming rights of Perth Stadium to Singtel Optus was about budget repair, when it’s election spending dwarfed the revenue from selling the naming rights.

“Assuming the naming rights contract is $5 million a year, the Government’s revenue from selling the opportunity of transmitting Perth to the rest of Australia and the world covers less than two per cent of Labor’s election spending for each of the next four years,” Dr Nahan said.

“They have embarked on a fire sale of the naming rights to our iconic stadium to fund a mere portion of their unfunded and unaffordable election promises.

“Singtel Optus are the winners of this deal and Western Australians are the losers.”

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