26 September 2017

Premier needs to intervene on police pay

It is time the Premier took responsibility for the police pay dispute and intervened, the Opposition said today.

Shadow Police Minister Peter Katsambanis said it was common to see the Premier announcing good news, but was nowhere to be seen when difficult issues needed to be addressed,

“Good News Mark needs to show leadership and sort out this problem,” Mr Katsambanis said.

“He needs to deliver to Western Australian police officers what he committed to prior to the election.

“Police officers have every right to expect a pay rise of 1.5%. That’s what Mr McGowan promised before the election, that’s what he must deliver now.

“He thinks he can break any election promise he chooses to, but this is not acceptable.

Mr McGowan should demand his Police Minister, Michelle Roberts and his Commerce Minister, Bill Johnston, keep working until they have sorted this out.

“He cannot arrogantly ignore this issue hoping it will go away.

“Western Australians are proud of the work our police officers do. It’s time the Premier showed that same pride and gave police the modest 1.5% pay increase he committed to prior to the election.

“We have every confidence that our WA police force will not compromise public safety during the course of this unprecedented industrial action,” Mr Katsambanis said.

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