December 5, 2017

Premier called on to explain threat to Goldfields projects

Premier Mark McGowan must immediately explain to Goldfields residents what projects he intends to cut funding to as a result of the Western Australian Parliament blocking the increase to the gold royalty.

Member for Kalgoorlie Kyran O’Donnell said the intemperate language of the Premier, in which he indicated to media that key Goldfields projects could miss out on funding as a result of Parliament’s blocking of the gold royalty increase, was inappropriate and irresponsible.

“This is vindictive politics by the Premier,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“Premier McGowan owes Goldfields residents an apology for his comments following the gold royalty increase being blocked.

“Let’s not forget, it was only a few years ago that Mr McGowan said that if the gold royalty was increased, mines would close and it would cost jobs.

“He also said before the election that he would not increase taxes.

“Make no mistake, Premier McGowan only wants to increase the gold royalty to pay for Labor’s unfunded, un-costed and unaffordable election promises.

“And now that his gold royalty increase has been blocked, he is threatening to withdraw government spending in the region that generates the investment and employment.

“This was a decision of the Parliament, The people of the Goldfields should not be punished and held to account for that decision.

Mr O’Donnell said the Premier seemed willing and prepared to risk investment in the mining industry, to close mines and to destroy jobs to pay for Labor’s pork barrelling in marginal seats where there are a slew of worried backbenchers on very narrow margins.

“Where is the Premier intending to cut funding? Is it in our schools? Policing? Child protection? Mental health?” Mr O’Donnell said.

Mr O’Donnell also called the Labor members for the Mining and Pastoral Region, Stephen Dawson and Kyle McGinn, to stand up to the Premier and support the people of the Goldfields.

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