January 11, 2018

Out of touch government performs second education backflip

The second major backflip by one of the McGowan Government’s most senior Ministers shows how out of touch the Government has become in less than twelve months.

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said the decision to keep Schools of the Air open was the right decision, but showed the original decision of the Government was inappropriate, ill-thought out and lacked consultation.

“Mark McGowan and Sue Ellery did not learn the lessons of the Perth Modern School debacle they created last year,” Dr Nahan said.

“Their poor handling of the Perth Modern School debacle should have shown they need to consult before they make decisions and they need to listen. They did neither.

“School of the Air is a valuable educational institution serving school children from the remotest parts of Western Australia. To tear that away from them was a foolish decision that caused unnecessary anguish to the kids and to their parents.”

Dr Nahan said the Government’s backflip, while welcome, had caused unnecessary distress and alarm to those families impacted by the original decision.

“Had the Government consulted, they would have realised how valuable School of the Air is. It is supported not just by those families who need and use it, but by people from across the depth and breadth of Western Australia,” Dr Nahan said.

“I sincerely hope the McGowan Government, and Minister Ellery in particular, have learned the importance of consultation. Making such harsh and far-reaching decisions without any consultation is a recipe for disaster and demonstrates once again the Government had a plan to get into Government, but no plan to govern.

“They included $3.7 billion of election spending in their budget and thought they could get away with cutting programs like School of the Air to pay for their pork-barrelling. This Government has shown in less than twelve months how arrogant and out of touch they are and that they have their priorities wrong.”