January 17, 2018

Options aplenty for getting to Perth Stadium

The State Government needs to stop focusing on problems and start working on solutions to enable as many Scorchers fans as possible can get to a final at Perth Stadium in the event the Scorchers make it.

Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation John McGrath said more options needed to be identified for commuters to get to the Stadium to ensure spectators can witness an historic cricket match.

“With a women’s T20 cricket match happening as a prelude to the game, the gates will open at around 11am, meaning there will be a staggered entry to the ground that will not see all spectators turning up around the commencement time of the main game,” Mr McGrath said.

“Moreover, there are options aplenty to get to Perth Stadium that could be temporarily activated.

“This Government needs to stop putting its head in the sand and saying it can’t happen; it needs to stop complaining and do its job and find a solution. That’s what good governments do.

Mr McGrath said the Government should consider working with the relevant stakeholders to:

· Open McCallum Park to parking which is walking distance from the stadium (McCallum Park is used to host the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show);

· Work with Uber which is currently banned from the stadium to develop an access plan to the stadium, as is in place for taxis;

· Undertake an information campaign showing commuters alternative ways to access the stadium (parking at the WACA and Gloucester Park, parking at Belmont Park, parking at McCallum Park);

· Utilise public open spaces for parking, with people transported to the stadium (via alternative transport options).

“There is no doubt the demand is there to allow all available seating to be utilised at Perth Stadium should the Scorchers make the final.

“It will be a national embarrassment if there are empty seats when the Scorchers play but people wanting to be in those seats.

“The McGowan Government needs to stop making excuses and do its job. It is not good enough for the Government to say it can’t be done. They need to find a way to make it happen. They have the resources of Government available and they should be saying to the experts in the various departments to find a solution.

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