February 15, 2018

No Liberal support for new McGowan Government tax

Liberal Leader Mike Nahan said today the Opposition would oppose the McGowan Government’s plan to tax West Australians to fund their election promise to the taxi industry.

Dr Nahan said the planned tax was another attempt by Premier Mark McGowan to introduce a new tax after going to an election less than 12 months ago with a mantra of no new taxes or increased taxes.

“What Mr McGowan wasn’t telling the public of Western Australia when he went to the election, however, was that he had also promised his supporters in the taxi industry a massive compensation package – which he had no way of funding,” Dr Nahan said.

“The McGowan Government has delivered a range of election promises that were not reliant on the introduction of a new tax and this promise to the taxi industry should be no different.”

Dr Nahan said the planned Uber tax would be the highest passenger tax for on-demand transport services in Australia.

“After 12 months of poor consultation and utter confusion from Transport Minister Rita Saffiotti, the best this Government can do is a tax on West Australians which is double the rate of any similar tax in the country,” Dr Nahan said.

“New and increased taxes won’t help the WA economy, they won’t create jobs, and they will hurt WA families who have already been hit with massive increases in household fees and charges, including an 11 per cent hike in their power bills.

“This new tax would hit the hip pocket of hardworking Western Australians who would be forced to pay $120 million over the next four years for the right to have access to a competitive ride sharing industry.

“Higher fares would particularly affect the elderly who use taxis to get to and from medical appointments and those in rural WA who are also being targeted by this Government’s regional education cuts.

“Premier McGowan promised no new taxes – the Liberal Opposition will not support him to break this promise.”

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