March 1, 2018

Minister must suspend Perth City Council immediately

The State Opposition has called on the Minister for Local Government to suspend the Perth City Council immediately and not allow the dysfunction at the Council to continue.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Tony Krsticevic said by deferring his decision the Minister was allowing time for the Councillors to wreak more havoc on a workforce already suffering from intense stress.

“I am hearing another senior member of the executive has taken stress leave and it is possible Councillors could hold a meeting to impose changes before any suspension takes place,” Mr Krsticevic said.

“This is unacceptable and the only course of action is for the Minister to immediately suspend the Council.

“We will hold the Minister responsible for any decisions made by Council members between now and the time he suspends them.

“If he does not suspend the Council immediately, and they have a meeting this evening to make personnel changes which result in legal action or further disruption at the Council, it will be the Minister’s responsibility.”

Mr Krsticevic said the Minister had the resources of his Department since he was sworn in and the imprimatur of the Premier to remove the Council but he had done nothing.

“His buying of time to suspend the Council is unacceptable when he would have been aware of the options available to him to sack the Council for many months,” Mr Krsticevic.

“If the Minister does not intervene today and suspend the Council immediately, it will show he is incapable of administering the Local Government portfolio and should be removed.”

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