January 23, 2018

Minister must explain rationale for review

The WA Opposition has called on the Environment Minister to explain his rationale for instigating a review of environmental conditions applying to Chevron’s Wheatstone LNG project.

Shadow Environment Minister, Steve Thomas said it was deeply concerning the Minister had not made any public statements explaining the basis for the review.

“This smacks of secrecy from a Government trying to sneak the review through,” Dr Thomas said.

“The Minister needs to explain why the review is being conducted, what the circumstances were that led to the review and what consultation he undertook before instigating the view.

“His failure to make any public comments explaining the rationale for this review, which has potential for significant ramifications throughout the mining and resources sector, is alarming.

“For the Minister to instigate a review once the project has been completed, after such significant investment, warrants more than just a notice on the Environmental Protection Authority’s website,” Dr Thomas said.

“Minister Dawson needs to provide a full explanation as to why this review is being undertaken.

“He needs to outline what information he based his decision to have the review undertaken, with whom he has consulted and what his intentions are with respect to this review.

“The Minister needs to make a full public statement outlining his reasons for the review and what his intentions are.”

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