February 28, 2018

McGowan minister’s tough talk quickly fades to a whimper

After 18 months of talking tough and repeatedly threatening to sack the Lord Mayor of Perth, Local Government Minister David Templeman has squibbed the opportunity to restore order to the City of Perth.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Tony Krsticevic said Minister Templeman needed to show leadership and suspend the City of Perth, but was instead hell bent on protecting his political allies on the Council.

“Minister Templeman was vocal during his time in Opposition, and since being sworn in as Minister, that he would remove the Lord Mayor,” Mr Krsticevic said.

“However, the issues at the City of Perth go well beyond the Lord Mayor. The place is riddled with dysfunction which is affecting the morale of the workforce and making it impossible for the Council to perform satisfactorily.

“I saw it first hand at last night’s council meeting and if it wasn’t so serious it would be laughable.

“It is too late for the Minister to issue a show cause notice – the public performance of the City of Perth Council is cause enough for him to immediately appoint an Inquiry Panel to report on the operations of the Council.”

Mr Krsticevic said the Minister should also immediately suspend the Council and appoint an independent Commissioner or Commissioners.

“The Minister needs to appoint a truly independent Commissioner or Commissioners to take control of the Council for the benefit of the City of Perth ratepayers and workers, while an Inquiry Panel identifies all of the issues that have made the Council an unsafe workplace,” Mr Krsticevic said..

“The first action of the Commissioner or Commissioners should be to release the secret lawyers inquiry into the CEO and the subsequent secret inquiry into the secret lawyers inquiry.

“This farce needs to end. When the Minister meets today with the Councillors of the City of Perth, he should be telling them they are suspended forthwith and that an inquiry panel will be reviewing the Council they have callously wrecked.”

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