September 12, 2017

McGowan guts shark hazard mitigation funding

The McGowan Government has removed $1m of shark mitigation funding intended to safeguard swimmers, surfers and divers at WA beaches .

Shadow Fisheries Minister and Geraldton MP, Ian Blayney said families planning to enjoy the beach this summer had been abandoned in the McGowan Government’s first budget.

“The budget papers show shark hazard mitigation funding of $250,000 a year has been removed,” Mr Blayney said.

“The safety of Western Australian families this summer is clearly not a priority for this Government.

“While there is, for each of the lucky first 1000 Western Australians who can afford $795, government assistance of $200 for a personal shark deterrent, however, even that funding will dry up at the end of next year.

“The Government needs to come clean and tell WA beach goers where the shark mitigation funding has been redirected to and how it plans to protect them this summer.”

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