September 14, 2017

McGowan Government votes down Quigley’s amendments

Attorney General John Quigley had his signature Dangerous Sex Offender legislation watered down at the hands of his own Government today.

The Government used its numbers in the Legislative Assembly to vote down amendments to the Legislation which the Labor Party championed during the election campaign and which Mr Quigley supported in Opposition and in the media last week.

Shadow Minister for Corrective Services, Peter Katsambanis said the watered-down legislation the Attorney General introduced into Parliament this week failed to include amendments the Labor Party promised during the election.

“Obviously, someone calling the shots within the McGowan Government has had cold feet,” Mr Katsambanis said.

“Mr Quigley talked tough last year on dangerous sex offenders and said that if Labor won Government he would make the changes to legislation he had sought to in Opposition.

“The legislation he introduced to Parliament did not include those changes, so the Liberal Opposition introduced amendments to include those changes. The McGowan Government voted down those amendments.”

Mr Katsambanis said the Government had failed to ensure the passage of legislation that could have ensured dangerous repeat offenders like DAL, who was released to live in an undisclosed metropolitan location this week, would stay behind bars.

“Members of the McGowan Government failed the people of Western Australia today,” Mr Katsambanis said.

“This is a repudiation by Government members of their own Attorney General and their Premier who promised these amendments. Their members voted against the amendments their Attorney General and Premier were committed to.

“This sort of division on an issue as essential as ensuring public safety is a disturbing development so early in the tenure of a Government. We need to ask the question ‘who is in control in the McGowan Government?’.”

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