December 21, 2017

McGowan government turns back on jobs

The decision of the McGowan Government to not support an iron ore mining proposal, with the necessary environmental protections in the Helena-Aurora Range, shows there is no ongoing commitment from the Government for job creation in the resources sector.

Shadow Minister for Mines and Petroleum, Sean L’Estrange said the decision showed the Government was more interested in giving-in to pressure from environmental activists rather than working through the complexity of environmental protection with a view to creating resource sector jobs.

“There is no doubt the Helena-Aurora Range has unique environmental qualities. The government could have worked hard to ensure important aspects of the range were adequately protected, while proceeding with key job creating elements of the project,” Mr L’Estrange said.

“The Government has today abandoned the creation of hundreds of jobs, and the economic benefits that flow from the creation of those jobs.

“This Government is no friend of the mining industry, and in abandoning the mining industry, they are abandoning jobs.”

Mr L’Estrange said in addition to today’s decision, the Government had banned uranium mining developments, tried increasing the gold royalty which threatened thousands of jobs, and placed an effective term of government ban on onshore exploration and development in the hydraulic fracture gas sector.

“Where is the Minister for Mines and Petroleum? He should be sitting around the Cabinet table advocating for the industry; instead, he appears to be asleep at the wheel,” Mr L’Estrange said.

“The mining sector has ensured Western Australians have benefitted from significant investment in public infrastructure, including hospitals, schools and public transport.

“Today is another disappointing day for Western Australia. The McGowan Government has sent a another reminder message to the resources industry that the McGowan State Labor Government is closed for business.”

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