February 5, 2018

McGowan Government continues to gut agriculture sector

Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Food Ian Blayney says the McGowan Government’s decision to raid the Agricultural Education Provisions Trust has destroyed any faith the farming sector had in the ability of the State Government to look after their interests.

“Taking away funds that will impact the education of our future farmers is just the last straw for many in the sector,” Mr Blayney said.

“Raiding the Trust to pay for Labor’s unaffordable election promises will not only have a damaging impact on the education of our future farmers and industry employees, but it will also be to the long-term detriment of the agricultural sector.

“At a time when agriculture is changing and developing so rapidly, it is madness to cut funds that cover machinery and operational costs for the agricultural colleges.

“Being able to use the best and newest equipment ensures students can meet industry standards and safeguard the sustainability of the sector.”

Mr Blayney said the future of agriculture in Western Australia was continuing to be put at risk by the city centric McGowan Government’s continued gutting of funding to the sector.

“First there were cuts to the Department of Agriculture and now there are significant cuts to the agricultural colleges and regional education,” Mr Blayney said.

“With agriculture playing such a vital role in the WA economy, the industry should not have to put up with such on-going callous attacks while the McGowan Government splashes cash around in marginal city electorates through its Local Projects, Local Jobs slush fund.”

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