February 28, 2018

McGinn needs to do some homework and some hard work

Kalgoorlie MLA Kyran O’Donnell has hit back at Mining and Pastoral Region member Kylie McGinn’s call for him to apologise to the people of Kalgoorlie over Royaties for Regions.

“Does he want me to apologise for the $59.6 million redevelopment of the Kalgoorlie Hospital or the $41.7 million Kalgoorlie Courthouse?” Mr O’Donnell said. “Absolutely not.

“I will also not apologise for the $45 million investment in the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community College or the refurbishment of the Goldfield Arts Centre or investment in our emergency telehealth service.

“I am certainly not going to apologise for the 41-person Aboriginal Short Stay Accommodation facility that provides short-term accommodation and support for Aboriginal people from remote communities who would otherwise have to sleep rough in and around Kalgoorlie.

“Nor will I apologise the $162 million Goldfields-Esperance Revitalisation Plan, which includes a $40 million redevelopment of Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School and $38 million to improve Great Eastern Highway.”

Mr O’Donnell said far from being apologetic for the investments of the former Government, he was proud of the support and investment it had made in key infrastructure in the Goldfields.

“The Royalties for Regions Act 2009 was delivered by the Liberal-led Government after years of under-investment and neglect in the Goldfields by the former Labor Government,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“The Liberals have a proud record of investing in important infrastructure and services in the regions, not just through Royalties for Regions, but through the normal budget process.

“Rather than calling for me to apologise Mr McGinn needs to be telling the people of the Goldfields what his Government is going to do for them in the next three years. If the first year of their term is anything to go by the Goldfields can expect precious little.

“I am flabbergasted Mr McGinn would call for me to say sorry when his own Premier threatened to cut Goldfields projects because Parliament blocked his gold royalty increase.

“Did Mr McGinn say sorry for that? Did Mr McGinn apologise for supporting the gold tax increase?

“It’s time he stopped grand-standing and started working to support the people of Kalgoorlie.

“I know he’s little known even within his own Government but he should at least be trying to find out if his Government is going to do anything for the people of Kalgoorlie during his term as a member.”

Mr O’Donnell said the Liberal Opposition would develop a comprehensive policy on investment in the regions once the McGowan Government’s ultimate plans for Royalties for Region became clear.

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