January 19, 2018

Marmion to take on new role of Disruptive Technologies; L’Estrange to take on Health

Two changes have been made to the Opposition front bench, with Member for Nedlands, Bill Marmion appointed Shadow Minister for Innovation and Disruptive Technologies; Mines and Petroleum; Defence Issues; Science and Member for Churchlands Sean L’Estrange appointed Shadow Minister for Health; Mental Health.

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said the changes would better utilise the strengths of the two Members and ensure the Opposition was better placed to hold the Government to account and develop better policies.

“Bill Marmion has significant Ministerial experience, is a well-respected engineer and has a passion for technology, engineering and innovation,” Dr Nahan said.

“Disruptive technologies are changing the way we live, work and do business and government, and Bill will work with relevant Shadow Ministers to oversee the Opposition’s response to these changes.

“Uber, Air BNB, peer-to-peer trading of electricity by WA households and autonomous vehicles are but a few of the recent and emerging technological disruptions that regulators need to be on top of or preparing for. That is why the Opposition now has a dedicated Shadow Minister for Disruptive Technologies, ensuring we are across the policy implications and the impacts on jobs, the economy and communities.

“Sean L’Estrange is a senior member of the Shadow Cabinet having been a former Minister for Mines, Finance and Small Business. As our Manager of Opposition Business in the Legislative Assembly Sean knows how to hold the government to account on its policy decisions and budget announcements.

“The health budget makes up over 30% of the State Budget and Sean will continue to bring to bear his Ministerial and pre-politics military and strategic planning experience to scrutinise the Government’s management of the health and mental health sectors.

“Sean’s focus will be on representing West Australians, as their voice, pushing for better health and mental health services, so that every tax payer dollar spent can go towards better health and mental health outcomes.

“The McGowan government needs to be solutions focused and Sean will be holding it to account on its policies for improving the health and well-being of our communities; its support and growth of frontline General Practitioners, Specialists and Nurses; plus, the planning and delivery of capital projects.”

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