January 16, 2018

Logan goes missing in action on Banksia Hill

Shadow Minister for Corrective Services, Zak Kirkup has called on Corrective Services Minister, Fran Logan to come out of hiding and respond to claims by Amnesty International of ill-treatment at Banksia Hill Detention Centre.

Mr Kirkup has asked for an urgent briefing from the Superintendent of the Banksia Hill Detention Centre on claims of torture by inmates as well as an inspection of the facility.

“I have been in touch with one of the mothers of the detainees at Banksia Hill to discuss the allegations and they are disconcerting,” Mr Kirkup said.

“In light of those claims, I have contacted the Minister for Corrective Services and requested an opportunity to visit the centre and find out for myself.

“However, it is important the Minister makes himself aware of the issues and ensures they are being dealt with.

“I have no doubt the officers at Banksia Hill do a good job in tough circumstances, but it’s important there is good oversight and management of our prisons to ensure our community has confidence in what is happening at all of our corrective services facilities.

“It is not good enough for the Minister to try and play politics with this issue.

“For him to brush off the concerns of Amnesty International and just talk about the former Government is unbecoming of a Minister who should be showing leadership on this issue. He needs to take his job seriously and respond to the issue rather than just play the blame game.

Mr Kirkup said the concerns raised by Amnesty International relate to incidents since the election of the McGowan Government.

“Minister Logan should listen to the concerns of Amnesty International and provide a considered response rather than hark back to Labor’s tired old excuse of blaming the former Government,” Mr Kirkup said.

“He has been the Minister for ten months now – what has he been doing?

“It is most important Minister Logan responds to the allegations to ensure the officers at Banksia Hill can continue to do their difficult job, under challenging circumstances, knowing they have the confidence of the Minister.”

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