6 September 2017

Labor creates uncertainty for racing industry

The McGowan government needs to get on with making decisions, and stop being a commentator on and rewriting history, Shadow Minister for Racing and Gaming, John McGrath said today.

Mr McGrath said the Minister for Racing and Gaming, Paul Papalia had falsely claimed the former Government arbitrarily announced it would sell the WA TAB without consultation.

“This is blatantly untrue and shows the Minister is more interested in political point scoring, than securing the future of and providing confidence to the racing industry,” Mr McGrath said.

“Not only did we consult with the industry, we funded the Western Australian Racing Representative Group to determine the needs of the industry. The WARRG undertook an extensive consultation program, which led to a well thought out policy that had the support of the industry.

“Throughout our term in Government, Labor had nothing constructive to offer the industry. Now they are in government, they are backflipping and starting the process all over again.

“This is a waste of time, money, resources and leaves the industry with uncertainty about their future.

“When they were in Opposition, Labor was consistently negative, talked down the industry and said the industry would become a basket case if the TAB was sold.”

“Labor put road block after road block in the way the former Liberal Government’s consultation with the industry and opposed a well-considered initiative.

“They need to stop rewriting history and take up on a Liberal initiative that was going to set the racing industry up for the next fifty years.”

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