January 19, 2018

Government needs to scrap the cap at Perth Stadium

The first pronouncement Mark McGowan should make at the opening of the Perth Stadium, after thanking Colin Barnett, is that he will remove the crowd limit of 40,000 should the Perth Scorchers host a final.

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said the cap of 40,000 imposed by the Government treated Western Australians with contempt and the opening of the Stadium is the perfect opportunity for the Premier to rescind the limit.

“The Government should remove the cap and allow Western Australians to make their own decision as to whether they want to go to the cricket or not and how they wish to get there, understanding the game will be commencing at peak travel time,” Dr Nahan said.

“Western Australians are capable of working out how to get to the Stadium if they know 55,000 other spectators are going to be attending.

“The Government is putting the onus on the WACA to work out the solution to getting more than 40,000 people to the Perth Stadium, but this is the Government’s responsibility.”

Dr Nahan said the Government should be working with all transport providers, such as Uber and Shofer, to identify opportunities for them to be part of a transport solution to the stadium.

“The Town of Victoria Park has also come to the party and said McCallum Park could be made available and the Government should be working with them now, in the event the Scorchers are able to host a final,” Dr Nahan said.

“More importantly, the Government should acknowledge Western Australians are resourceful enough to work out a travel plan, knowing the challenges of peak hour on a weekday will impact travel times.

“It is condescending of the Government to tell Western Australians they don’t have the capacity, or cannot be trusted, to work out their own plans to get to the cricket.

“Rather than putting a road block in the way of people coming to the cricket, they should be identifying and facilitating opportunities to make it easier for people to get there.

“I sincerely hope the Premier announces on Sunday that he is scrapping the cap and gives the Scorchers 15,000 more reasons to try and earn the right to host a final.”

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