January 16, 2018

Government must remove ticket cap if Scorchers host finals

The State Opposition has called on the State Government to immediately remove the cap on capacity at Perth Stadium in the event the Perth Scorchers host a final in the BBL07.

Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation John McGrath said if the State Government was willing to increase Ed Sheeran concert ticket numbers from 40,000 to 55,000, it should also remove the cap on tickets for a Perth Scorchers final should they have the opportunity to host one at Perth’s new state-of-the-art stadium.

“Perth is now home to one of the world’s best stadiums but the continued politicisation of the venue by the McGowan Government risks our ability to continue to attract big ticket events.

“They are putting politics ahead of putting on the very best possible event. The Government’s claims the stadium is in the wrong location and the public transport is not up to scratch is a cop-out.

“They need to allow as many people to attend as possible and let people choose for themselves how they will get there.”

Mr McGrath said the Premier must explain why the Scorchers are being hit with an attendance cap while the Ed Sheeran concert was granted 15,000 more tickets.

“Since coming to Government there has been a herd of Labor MPs at every media opportunity jostling to have their face and name associated with the state-of-the-art stadium,” Mr McGrath said.

“Yet the same Labor MPs and the Premier have been tripping over themselves to make decisions which hold back this significant infrastructure project.

“The McGowan Government has sold out the Perth name, banned Uber, banned full strength beer, and unnecessarily delayed and increased the cost of the foot bridge. To now impose an arbitrary cap on a potential Scorchers final continues the stream of bad decisions by this Government”

“We are about to embark on a new era for sport in Western Australia – an era which if managed properly by the Government will put Perth on show to Australia and the world for decades."

“The Liberals in Government promised a world-class venue, and this Sunday we will see that delivered.”

“It is time for Premier McGowan to stop the petty nit-picking, and obstructive decisions, take pride in this magnificent new asset, and make it available to as many spectators as possible if the Scorchers make the finals.”

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