February 28, 2018

Government allows City of Perth farce to continue

The indecisiveness of the McGowan Government and its Local Government Minister is allowing the farce and unsafe working environment at the City of Perth to continue.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Tony Krsticevic said Minister Templeman should have suspended the Council immediately, and not wait until Friday to act on the matter.

“There is no reason to wait any longer,” Mr Krsticevic said.

“With all the resources of his Department at his disposal, and having known of the dysfunction at the Council for so long, the Minister should have been better prepared today, immediately suspended the Council and instituted an inquiry into the Council.

“Instead, he has said he needs more time. What on earth has he been doing while this farce has been going on?

“The Premier said before the election the Council would be sacked, but it has taken the Minister 353 days since the election to do something about it.

“The Minister and the Premier met with the then Director General of the Department of Local Government and Communities Jennifer Mathews on 21 March last year to seek advice about the divisions at the Council. Instead of sacking the council, they dumped the Director General without any reason.

“The Premier and the Minister spent a lot of time talking tough before and since the election, but they buckled at the knees when it came to acting on what they said they would do.

“Even after the CEO went on stress leave this month, followed by the Acting CEO going on stress leave, both citing it was an unsafe work environment, the Minister would not make a decision.

Mr Krsticevic said in order that he restore confidence and build morale at the City of Perth, the Minister must ensure he appoints a truly independent and well respected Commissioner or Commissioners and immediately institute an inquiry into the City of Perth.

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