February 26, 20018

Fisheries Minister out of his depth on herring management

With the start of the herring season just weeks away, commercial herring fishers in Western Australia still have no confirmation from the State Government as to what their catch limits will be this year.

Shadow Fisheries Minister Ian Blayney said Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly’s inability to give any indication to the sector of how his Government would manage this important resource was confirmation of another McGowan Minister completely out of their depth.

“To leave commercial fishers gearing up for a season without any information on what quantities they will be allowed to catch is breathtaking incompetence,” Mr Blayney said.

“Minister Kelly has had since December when the Australian Herring Resource Harvest report for the South Coast and West Coast bioregions landed on his desk to do something about this but has said nothing.

“With the season due to start on March 25, I asked the Minister in Parliament last week when he would release the report and his Government’s strategy on herring fishing.

“His answer of ‘in good time’ shows the total disregard he has for those people who depend on this information for their livelihood.”

Mr Blayney called on Minister Kelly to stop sitting on his hands and release the Australian Herring Resource Harvest report and outline immediately his Government’s management decisions for the Australian herring resource.

“Stakeholders should not be kept in the dark like this, and in the case of commercial fishers, they need certainty to make informed business decisions,” Mr Blayney said.

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