Federal Labor abandons Western Australians

Premier Mark McGowan has failed to get support from his Federal Labor colleagues for a larger share of GST revenue for Western Australia.

The WA Federal Parliamentary Labor Party’s submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry has concluded that any changes to the GST system must not “negatively impact other States and Territories”.

WA Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said the submission was a document full of platitudes and motherhood statements that offered no concrete solutions to our GST problem.

“It is a declaration that Bill Shorten and his WA Federal colleagues are not prepared to jeopardise their support in the Eastern States to fix the GST imbalance in WA,” Dr Nahan said.

“The people of Western Australia will not be fooled by a string of feel-good statements with no substance.

“Mark McGowan went to the last election with feel-good statements and $5 billion in unfunded and unaffordable promises and now the families of Western Australia are feeling it in their hip pocket with massive increases to fees and charges.

“This submission hammers the same line that WA Labor pushed in Opposition, which was that WA’s debt situation was not the fault of our GST share but the result of Government spending.

“The McGowan Government has changed its mantra since elected and now says the current GST share for WA is too low, however Shorten appears to be saying the McGowan Government is managing well with its current share of the GST.”

Dr Nahan said Mr Shorten was taking a high profile on policies about penalty rates and income tax but appeared to have completely gone to ground on GST and left it to his junior colleagues to deliver the bad news to West Australians.

“Mark McGowan has clearly been hung out to dry by his Federal colleagues,” Dr Nahan said.

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