December 13, 2017

Education sacrificed to Labor election promises

West Australian parents have every right to be extremely angry and concerned about the $64 million in additional cuts to education services announced today by the McGowan Government, according to Opposition Leader Mike Nahan.

“It insults parents to say these cuts are about budget repair when the Treasurer last week admitted he had blown the budget within three months of bringing it down,” Dr Nahan said.

“The cuts had nothing to do with the former Government and everything to do with the out-of-control spending of the current Government.

“Our children’s education is being sacrificed to pay for Labor election promises such as a $112 million dollar revitalisation of the Port Hedland waterfront in the marginal seat of Pilbara, a $19 million wave farm in the marginal seat of Albany and a biomass farm and $20 million future fund in the marginal seat of Collie-Wellington.”

Shadow Education Minister Donna Faragher said the cuts go to the heart of the State’s education system.

“These cuts will cost 170 jobs, on top of the 188 Education Department job cuts already cut, which included all aboriginal education teams across the state,” Ms Faragher said.

“It is not possible to simply pull 358 jobs from the education system and expect the quality of education our children receive not to suffer.

“Cuts to Gifted and Talented programs, closing the School of the Air and closing school camps will all diminish the quality of education our children receive.

“Increasing the cost of VacSwim will put further financial pressure on families already reeling from an 11 per cent increase in electricity prices under the McGowan Government.

“Minister Ellery has once again proved the McGowan Government, which promised no cuts to frontline education services has the wrong priorities and cannot be believed.”

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