7 September 2017

Budget puts an end to McGowan’s blame game

The McGowan Government now officially owns the finances of Western Australia and the record debt, increased taxes, increased fees and charges and new taxes in today’s budget.

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder said Premier Mark McGowan and Treasurer Ben Wyatt now had no choice but to admit they never had any plan for budget repair or debt reduction.

“They knew exactly the state of the finances in February this year when State Treasury released the Pre-election Financial Projections Statement but still committed to $5 billion in additional spending,” Mr Nalder said.

“Treasurer Ben Wyatt today revealed that under the McGowan Government the States’ debt will be $43.6 billion by 2020/21.”

“Mark McGowan went to the election asking Western Australians to give him responsibility for the State’s finances knowing full well what the state of the finances were,” Mr Nalder said. “And he said he would pay down debt, slowly, like a mortgage. He is now predicting a 33% increase in debt by the end of this term of government.”

“Mr McGowan cannot now say he was blindsided as an excuse to renege on his election promises, increase taxes and increase debt.

“The McGowan Government is alone responsible for increased payroll tax, increased gold tax, a new foreign investment tax, steep increases in household fees and charges, cuts to the real wages of front-line public servants, massive cuts to public sector jobs and increased debt.”

Mr Nalder said the McGowan Government was still trying to blame its predecessor for the bad news in today’s budget but he didn’t believe Western Australians would accept the blame game any longer.

“It has been a convenient political tactic for the Premier and Treasurer but it is a tactic that is wearing thin and is now blatantly dishonest,” Mr Nalder said.

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