December 13, 2017

Attorney General big on self-promotion, but short on facts

Attorney General John Quigley should ask his Upper House colleague and Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, Sue Ellery to organise for sittings in the Legislative Council to resume sooner than March 13 if he wants his legislation passed swiftly.

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, Peter Collier said every piece of legislation the Government wanted passed in 2017, the Opposition accommodated.

“For Mr Quigley to lament that all pieces of legislation that he introduced in 2017 were not passed and then lay the blame at the fact his Party does not have the numbers in the Legislative Council, is manifestly inaccurate,” Mr Collier said.

“He is complaining that legislation has not passed through the Legislative Council, but he fails to make the point that his own Party didn’t not seek to have it passed.

“It was up to the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council to bring the legislation on for debate, but she didn’t.”

Mr Collier said there was clearly a communication problem in the Government if the Attorney General had not made his priorities clear, or if the Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council was ignoring his requests.

“It seems Government Ministers are not talking, or if they are, they’re not listening to each other,” Mr Collier said.

“The Opposition accommodated the requests of the Government to get their priority legislation through the Legislative Council. The legislation Mr Quigley wanted passed was not brought on for debate by his own colleagues. It is not due to the Government not having the numbers in the Upper House.

“If the legislation is so important, Mr Quigley should ask his colleagues in the Upper House to return to Parliament sooner than March.

“The Government has organised a 95 day break between sittings of the Legislative Council. There is no other party to blame for the delay in Mr Quigley’s legislation being debated than the Labor Party.”

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