January 3, 2017

Apprenticeships a casualty of McGowan broken promise

Premier Mark McGowan has broken his promise to employ 50 new apprentices at Western Power every year.

A recent announcement from Western Power revealed the State-owned electricity business had engaged only 15 apprentices in 2017.

Shadow Energy Minister Dean Nalder said there were 15 apprenticeships in place at Western Power at the time of the State Election when Mr McGowan made his promise to increase apprenticeships to 50 every year.

“In the 10 months he has been Premier and Minister for Jobs Mark McGowan has not added even one apprenticeship at Western Power,” Mr Nalder said.

“Mr McGowan gave an unequivocal promise on February 27 last year that his plan would ‘ensure that, each year, at least 50 young Western Australians will be able to undertake their apprenticeships at a publically-owned Western Power’.

“There has been no effort at all from the Government to keep its commitment on apprenticeships at Western Power.

“I would have thought at least the Minister for Training would have ordered a mid-year intake to bring the numbers up to the election promise.”

Mr Nalder said it was now clear Mr McGowan and Labor had been prepared to say and do anything to win Government.

“The 50,000 jobs Mr McGowan promised during the State Election were all spin with the ultimate aim of securing just one job – his,” Mr Nalder said.

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