7 September 2017

A budget of betrayal and broken promises

Premier Mark McGowan’s first budget is a budget of betrayal and broken promises.

Opposition Leader Mike Nahan said it has taken just six months and one budget to show Premier Mark McGowan cannot be trusted.

“Mark McGowan promised unequivocally he would not increase taxes and he would not introduce new taxes,” Dr Nahan said.

“But the Government is bringing in two new taxes and increasing payroll tax and gold royalties. There is no excuse and no justification for this, other than to fund their unfunded and unaffordable election commitments.

“He over-committed during the election campaign, and now he is making Western Australian households, businesses and workers pay for his pork barrelling.

“Mr McGowan promised he would be a jobs Premier and he has just added a job-destroying tax increase on some of the State’s biggest employers.

“We can see why he did not submit his election commitments to Treasury for costing; in six months they have blown out by $1 billion.

“Mr McGowan promised to reduce debt but instead he has increased debt by 30 per cent while still slugging Western Australians with massive increases to household fees and charges.

“Western Australians have every right to ask: ‘Where is the money going?’”

Shadow Treasurer, Dean Nalder said Treasurer Ben Wyatt is also reducing frontline services in areas that were important to most West Australians.

“Not only are Western Australians going to pay almost $1 billion extra in taxes they are going to be hit with cuts to spending in health, police, emergency services, agriculture and road safety,” he said.

“The foundation of Mr McGowan’s election campaign were his promises to pay down debt and not increase or introduce taxes. His failure to deliver on those fundamental promises is a betrayal of every single Western Australian.”

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