Local Government Advisory Report Released

Premier Colin Barnett and the Minister for Local Government recently released the Local Government Advisory Board report, which provides the framework for the most significant reform of metropolitan local government in 100 years.

The number of metropolitan local governments will be reduced from 30 to 16, to make them more financially sustainable by combining resources, reducing duplication and streamlining processes.

The Board recommended that the whole of Rossmoyne and portions of Riverton, Shelley and Willetton west of Vahland Avenue move to the City of Melville. Properties east of Vahland Avenue and south of Leach Highway, including Parkwood and the rest of Canning, will become part of the City of Gosnells.

I understand that many residents wanted the City of Canning to be retained within its current boundaries; however the Board has determined that this was not possible due to a number of factors.

A detailed analysis of each local government's financial position was undertaken by the Western Australia Treasury Corporation, with the Board then ranking each local government according to its financial sustainability score.

The City of Canning ranked a dismal 28th out of 30 local governments, with a financial sustainability score of just 49. Given that the City of Canning has a strong rateable base, with a large amount of industrial land, this result is inexcusable and highlights the City's poor management recently.

The report also confirmed that the only proposal submitted by the City of Canning was to amalgamate with Gosnells. It is disappointing that the so called Fight for Canning campaign was nothing more than a ruse, as Canning failed to submit a proposal to remain as it was.

This was why I advocated for the whole electorate to move within the City of Melville, as residents advised me that given the choice between Gosnells and Melville, they overwhelmingly wanted to move within Melville.

Under the Local Government Act 1995, the Minister can only accept or reject the Board's recommendations and cannot alter its findings.

Although the Minister is unable to move the boundary, there are other means where minor boundary adjustments can be made following today's announcement. I assure the people of Riverton that I will continue to fight for the boundary to be shifted east, so that the suburbs of Riverton, Shelley and Willetton are not split.

Click here for the Financial Sustainability Score Rankings.

Click here for Dr Nahan's associated Press Release.


Riverton gets McHappy

Mike Nahan with owner-operator Janiene Pollock and staff member Theresa at McDonalds in Riverton

McHappy day was celebrated on Saturday 18th October to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald House charities. This year I visited Riverton McDonalds to help collect donations for this worthy cause, which helps seriously ill children and their families when they need it the most.

Big Macs were the food of choice for the day, with $2 from every sale going to charity. I was delighted by the number of people who put their hands in their pockets to make an extra contribution to help Ronald McDonald House Charities.

There were a number of activities for the kids during the day, who always enjoy having their face painted and getting caught up in the happy spirit of the day. I would like to congratulate Janiene, David and all the staff at Riverton McDonalds for organising a great day and raising much needed funds for Ronald McDonalds House Charities

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Will Mike still be recognisable in Movember without his moustache?

Mike Shaves Mo for Charity

On Friday 31st October, Movember Eve, I'll be shaving my moustache to help raise awareness for the beginning of Movember, a worldwide phenomenon that aims to educate and empower men when it comes to their health.

As a Mo Mentor for 2014, I'll subsequently regrow my mo over Movember to raise funds for this worthy cause. The movement began in 2003 when two friends lamented the disappearance of the moustache and ultimately decided that they would reinvigorate it by bringing the mo back to the forefront of society.

The mo has become a real symbol through the Movember movement, and the research shows that it is working. The movement is not only helping fund vital research into men's health, but today more men are inclined to discuss their personal health.

My family, friends and colleagues are looking forward to seeing me with a bare lip, as I have not shaved my mo since I was a teenager. While my wife has suggested many times over our 32 years of marriage that I should perhaps shave my moustache, I have so far resisted the call.

I could not however pass up the opportunity to support the movement and I encourage those who have never grown a moustache to join this year's Movember. You will not recognise yourself and most importantly, you will be helping a great cause.

I do wonder how The West's Alston will draw me without my moustache; I hope I don't become Homer!

Seniors Week 2014

WA Seniors Week 2014 will be celebrated between 9-16 November to recognise the important contribution that seniors make to our local community and to thank outstanding seniors who volunteer their time and expect little in return.

To celebrate WA Seniors Week 2014, the Willetton Bowling Club and I are hosting a local Seniors Day event on Friday 14th November, beginning at 10am. Riverton residents are invited to join the celebration at the Willetton Bowling Club, where you can participate in a free lawn bowls tutorial, practice your new-found skills in a game, to be followed by a BBQ lunch.

If you have ever thought of playing lawn bowls while meeting new friends, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. To register your interest for this free event, please contact my electorate office on 9457 1282.

During WA Seniors Week 2014 there are a number of events planned across the state, including a Have a Go Day at Burswood Park on Wednesday 12th November. The day provides a free action packed day encouraging seniors to try a range of sporting and recreational activities. For more information on Seniors Week 2014, visit www.communities.wa.gov.au.

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Enjoy discounts and benefits with WA Seniors Card!

I am pleased to announce that the new 2014-2016 WA Seniors Card Discount Directory is now available from my Riverton Electorate office.

The directory contains a comprehensive range of discounted services and products for Seniors Card holders, from over 500 businesses across Western Australia. It also provides details of State Government rebates and concessions, which form part of the most generous Seniors Card scheme in Australia.

I am proud to offer Riverton Seniors the opportunity to access up to $1,000 worth of State Government concessions and business discounts throughout the state and I encourage WA Seniors Card holders to pick up their copy of the new directory to start saving!

If you are over 60 years old and have yet to apply for a WA Seniors Card, or should you require further information, please feel free to contact my office on 9457 1282 for assistance.

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