Dr Mike Nahan makes Submission on Local Government Advisory Board intended recommendation for proposal 10

The Local Government Advisory Board is seeking public comment on Proposal 10, which was originally submitted by the City of Melville. The original proposal sought to include the electorate of Riverton within the City of Melville boundaries.

The LGAB's changes will mean that the electorate of Riverton will not be included within the City of Melville, unless we advocate otherwise. Given the City of Canning and the City of Gosnells have both provided proposals that advocate for a merger, the electorate of Riverton will be included in a combined Canning/Gosnells authority, unless we move within Melville.

I have been informed overwhelmingly that if Canning is not retained within its current boundaries, then residents would like to move within the City of Melville. I have therefore provided a public submission to the LGAB asking that Riverton be included within the City of Melville boundaries.

Please click here to view my submission.

Congratulating 'Rossi's Got Talent' 2014 winners,
Amelia Jordan-Onamade & Andrea Onamade

The R-Factor!

I had the pleasure of attending the 2014 Grand Final for 'Rossi's Got Talent', at Rossmoyne Senior High School's Performing Arts Centre on Monday the 16th June.

The evening showcased an eclectic line-up of Rossmoyne Senior High School performers, including singers, musicians, dancers and even a magician! But as with any grand final there could only be one winner, and this year I had the pleasure of sponsoring and presenting the $200 prize to the very talented sister duo of Amelia Jordan-Onamade & Andrea Onamade. These ladies performed a truly unique acoustic version of Sia's 'Chandelier' and received a much deserved round of applause from the audience; proudly led by their father!

Congratulations to Amelia and Andrea and to all of the grand finalists; you all performed with wonderful spirit, passion and courage and made for another successful 'Rossi's Got Talent' event ... Rossmoyne really does have talent!

River Rangers receive Lotterywest Grant

Mike presenting the Lotterywest cheque to Rossmoyne
Primary School's River Rangers

I recently attended a special assembly at Rossmoyne Primary School to recognise the hard work and dedication of the school's River Rangers cadet unit.

The River Rangers cadet initiative is a primary school programme, run in partnership with the Department of Local Government and Communities, and seeks to engage and educate primary school students to help protect our local Riverparks.

There are 35 students from years 5-7 participating in Rossmoyne Primary School's River Rangers, which is one of 12 Perth primary schools involved in the initiative.

I was very pleased to be able to present a Lotterywest cheque to the River Rangers to help purchase equipment to support the youth development and conservation activities of the cadet unit. The assembly also provided the perfect opportunity for the unit to inform their fellow students what the River Rangers were about and the type of projects it was involved in.

It was also great to see Grecian Sandwell attend the assembly on behalf of the Canning River Residents Environment Protection Association, a group heavily invested in improving the health of the Canning River, which has worked side-by-side with the River Rangers.

I trust that the Lotterywest grant will help the River Rangers continue their great work in our local community.


The Fight for Canning Campaign is a Political Ruse by Commissioner

Riverton MLA Dr Mike Nahan has said that he will not participate in the City of Canning's highly politicised Fight for Canning campaign.

In his media release, Dr Nahan said: "The City of Canning's campaign is an attempt to shut down democratic choice, not enhance it".

"The Local Government Advisory Board's (LGAB) intended recommendation up for consideration at the moment is to remove Parkwood, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley, Willetton and the Canning Vale Industrial area from the City of Melville's Proposal 10.

"It was dependent on the City of Canning to include arguments to the LGAB to remain as it is and they failed to do so. Instead, they put forward a strong recommendation to merge with Gosnells."

"Given that the LGAB has no choice but to follow Canning's strong recommendation, the Fight for Canning campaign is nothing more than a political ruse to hide Canning's complicity in this process.

"The Commissioner should not be using ratepayers money for political action like this. I call on the Commissioner to stop wasting ratepayer's funds and to stop bringing party politics into the City of Canning", he concluded.

Full media release is here.

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The staff and students all looked ready for bed
at Orana's pyjama day

Orana students rug up for charity

It was a great pleasure to visit Orana Catholic Primary School to recognise the staff and students who took part in their Pyjama Day in support of St Vincent de Paul's Winter Blanket appeal.

The students participated in the appeal to raise the awareness of homelessness in Western Australia, while collecting much needed blankets for St Vincent de Paul. I had the opportunity to meet a number of students and to provide a donation of my own to assist in the school's effort to collect 300 blankets.

I was very impressed with the mountain of blankets that the school had collected and I would like to commend the staff and students for their efforts. It was also quite pleasing to witness the number of students who participated in the appeal by wearing their favourite PJ's; and I would like to make a special mention to congratulate the staff who also wore their winter pyjamas to school.

Following the morning's assembly, students were asked to count the number of blankets that they had helped collect. It was lucky that the students were wearing their PJ's, as they all looked ready for a long snooze after too much counting.

Mike Nahan meets Member for Riverton

Mike meets with YMCA Youth Member for Riverton, Alex Kain

I had the opportunity to meet Willetton resident Alex Kain, who will represent the residents of Riverton during the school holidays when he participates in the 2014 WA YMCA Youth Parliament.

The YMCA Youth Parliament is a fantastic initiative that allows participants to take part in a number of educational activities designed to develop their leadership skills and gain a greater working knowledge of the political process. Participants are designated a seat in the Legislative Assembly and live the life of a local politician for a week.

As the Youth Member for Riverton, Alex is on the Youth Affairs committee which is currently preparing a Committee Bill on underage drinking, which will be presented to Youth Parliament during its sitting week in July.

I trust all participants attending the camp, including Alex, will enjoy the experience and I hope it will fuel their desire to enter politics later in life.

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Tax help for Riverton Residents

Residents who live in Parkwood, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley and Willetton will once again have the opportunity to utilise the free Tax Help Centre that will be operating in my Electorate Office from July until October 31.

This community service, run by the Australian Tax Office, will available for eligible Riverton constituents who earn less than $50 000 per year. The free service has been operating in my office for the past five years, and has proved very successful in assisting residents complete their tax returns.

The free Tax Help service is run by accredited Tax Help volunteers and is ideal for low income earners, including students, seniors, or individuals who are completing their tax returns for the first time.

If you would like to book a confidential appointment and access this free Tax Help service or require any further information, please call my electorate office on 9457 1282.

World Continence Week 2014 - June 23-29

With more than 4.8 million Australians experiencing bladder or bowel control problems, the Continence Foundation of Australia's vision is to have a community free of the stigma of incontinence. World Continence Week is an initiative of the International Continence Society and is an opportunity to promote this rarely discussed and often dismissed health problem.

The year's theme, Managing the Mother Load, is aimed to raise awareness of pregnancy and pelvic floor health among pregnant and postnatal women, particularly given the large numbers of women who experience incontinence as a result of having children.

What is interesting is that most people think that bladder weakness is only linked to ageing or childbirth; the fact is that bladder and bowel control issues affect one in four people, they can affect men, women and children of all ages and they will not get better on their own. Most important is that most cases of bladder and bowel control problems can be effectively treated, managed or in many cases, cured.

As part of World Incontinence Week, I urge anyone suffering from bladder or bowel control issues to seek help from their doctor or qualified health professional. There is no excuse for not seeking help, so if you're too embarrassed to speak to someone in person, you can get free professional advice by phoning the Australian Government''s National Continence Helpline on 1800 33 00 66 (between 8am-8pm AEST Monday to Friday). Continence nurse advisors staff the Helpline and can provide you with confidential advice, referrals for local continence services and assist with government subsidy schemes for continence products.

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