Local Government Advisory Board intended recommendation (2) for proposal 10

The Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) has released another proposal for public comment and this one recommends the suburbs of Rossmoyne, Shelley, and portions of Riverton and Willetton west of Vahland Avenue to move within the City of Melville.

I do not support this recommendation, which seeks to split the suburbs of Riverton and Willetton between two local government authorities.

I am greatly concerned by this proposal, as it was rejected by the community last year when a similar proposal was presented.

I have provided a submission to the LGAB opposing this proposal, which you can view by clicking the link below. You may wish to provide your own submission by visiting http://dlg.wa.gov.au/Content/LG/AdvisoryBoard/CurrentInquiries/MetroInquiries.aspx, as it is important that the LGAB hear from affected Riverton residents.

I am also concerned about rumours that are circulating regarding the in-take boundaries for both Rossmoyne and Willetton Senior High Schools, and the effect that reform may have on property values.

Local Government boundaries do not set property values or influence school boundaries.

For example, while Rossmoyne Senior High School is currently located within the City of Melville boundaries, the majority of its students reside within the City of Canning.

I will continue to argue for the entire electorate of Riverton, including Parkwood, to be included within the City of Melville. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or contact my office on 9457 1282.

Click here for the submission.


Willetton Senior High School rebuild on schedule

Principal Chris Booth and Mike Nahan have a look at the progress of the school's re-build

I recently visited Willetton Senior High School to meet with Principal Chris Booth and to view the progress of the school's re-build. Stage 1 is currently underway and includes new facilities for art, media, textiles, science, technology and enterprise.

WSHS, which received the WA Secondary School Award in 2011, has an outstanding record for academic excellence which attracts families who desire to move to the area specifically for the excellent public schools. This has put extreme pressures on the school's out-dated facilities, with most of the rooms built in the 1970s.

The first part of the rebuild also includes a $12 million two-storey block for Year 7 students, who will attend secondary schools for the first time next year. I am pleased to hear that the re-build is on schedule and under budget.

The visit also gave me the opportunity to discuss the new student centred funding model with Principal Booth, which will also begin next year.

Under the new student-centred funding model, every school will receive the same amount of funding for each student depending on the year level of the student. There is also special funding for students who need extra support, including Indigenous students, students with disabilities and students undertaking English as a Second Language. The school will also receive additional funding for students involved in Gifted and Talented programmes.

Preliminary figures indicate that Willetton Senior High School will receive $346 140 more than it would it would have expected to receive under the previous funding model.

The new funding model is part of the State Government's unparalleled commitment to Education, which features a $1.78 billion increase in the Education Budget since 2008. No State Government has invested more into Education than this Liberal Government, a fact that I am very proud of.

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Mike recently attended the Willetton Baseball Club's
registration day and sausage sizzle

Mike steps up to the plate in Willetton

It is my honour to become Patron of the Willetton Baseball Club for this upcoming season. I recently attended the Club's registration day at Apsley Reserve to enjoy a sausage sizzle and to meet some of the Club's volunteers.

The Willetton Baseball Club caters for sporting men and women of all ages and includes Teeball, Softball and Baseball. President Peter Byrne introduced me to the coaches and volunteers who have helped make the Club a Willetton icon.

The day was enjoyed by all, with people of all ages signing up for a hit this season, and the kids were thoroughly entertained by the inflatable Teeball. I had a chance to relive my younger days of playing Baseball in Michigan, when I stepped up to the plate for a hit with the kids.

If you are an interested in playing in the upcoming season but missed the registration day, do not fear. Simply visit www.tbawa.org.au/Willetton/ for more information and to register your interest. Good luck to all the coaches and players for this upcoming season and I look forward to cheering you all on!

Tax Help Success for Riverton

My electorate office in Riverton is once again hosting the Australian Tax Office's free Tax Help service; providing eligible residents of Parkwood, Riverton, Rossmoyne, Shelley and Willetton the opportunity to obtain complimentary assistance in preparing and lodging their annual tax return.

I am pleased to advise that the popular Mr Osmund Perera has returned as the accredited Tax Help volunteer providing this valuable service in Riverton for the fifth year running, and is available on Wednesdays for confidential appointments. The Tax Help initiative is ideal for low income earners, including students, seniors, or individuals who are completing their tax returns for the first time, and will be available until October 29th.

Due to the popularity of this free service, I encourage all eligible Riverton constituents to call my electorate office on 9457 1282 and secure your appointment.

For more information please visit the ATO website.

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Enjoy discounts and benefits with WA Seniors Card!

I am pleased to announce that the new 2014-2016 WA Seniors Card Discount Directory is now available from my Riverton Electorate office.

The directory contains a comprehensive range of discounted services and products for Seniors Card holders, from over 500 businesses across Western Australia. It also provides details of State Government rebates and concessions, which form part of the most generous Seniors Card scheme in Australia.

I am proud to offer Riverton Seniors the opportunity to access up to $1,000 worth of State Government concessions and business discounts throughout the state and I encourage WA Seniors Card holders to pick up their copy of the new directory to start saving!

If you are over 60 years old and have yet to apply for a WA Seniors Card, or should you require further information, please feel free to contact my office on 9457 1282 for assistance.

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